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Back to the drawing board


Econodigital began with the belief that personalized wealth management is a right - not a privilege. Our mission is to digitize wealth management processes, which starts by providing end-clients access to professional financial services the minute they start an investment portfolio. We hope you are as excited about Econodigital as we are, especially what it means for your firm, your clients, and society as a whole.

Focus on clients (not products)


Traditionally, our industry has solely been focused on the amount of products. Firms use this as a bragging point for their level of sophistication, while in reality it just indicates how much money they earn off their clients. We reversed this approach by focusing on the wants and needs of clients instead of channeling standardized products to them. 

Freedom through innovation


By not being restricted to a “product distribution” business model, we have the freedom to work with all types of financial institutions regardless their strategic model. This helps us empower everyone to start investing as soon as possible and to provide the best investment management service after they do.

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