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Truly tailored portfolios


We will ask your clients a few questions to determine their preferences as an investor and build a personalized portfolio in different asset classes. Investment portfolios are designed by our investment team and built to maximize investment returns while providing a personalized approach for individual investor preferences. We then automate the process every step of the way: from investing, to monitoring progress, to reinvesting income.

Our investment strategy


To provide the optimal investment strategy, Econodigital's investment team focuses on building fully-diversified portfolios while minimizing fees for each of your clients. Our profiling algorithm combines securities in a portfolio that are based on a client's personal values and believes and a smart set of parameters. We constrain the weightings of individual holdings to ensure a fully diversified allocation. This ensures no portion of your clients’ portfolios will ever represent an illogically large (or small) percentage.

Best of both worlds: smart automation + human expertise


Econodigital combines the speed and consistency of intelligent algorithmic portfolio management with the personalized care and experience of investment advisors, who are always just a call of a chat away.

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